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Antiryad Gx v3.3 released

Antiryad Gx v3.3 was released.
This version drop the professional license price.
Here is the list of new features:
- Optimized thread management.
- Added ETC1 texture (de)compressor
- Support of Amstrad CPC SCR file format (without Amsdos headers).
- Support of OCS and AGA shipsets in Amiga 68k driver using new chunky to planar system.
- Support of AHI sound system in Amiga 68k driver.
- Enhanced gx_baseed, gx_dsp, gx_filevirtual, gx_interface, gx_keyboard, gx_obj3d, gx_render, gx_scratchbuffer, gx_soundmixer, gx_winbox objects.
- Optimized OpenGL 4 dynamic rendering.
- Optimized OpenGL 2d flush.
- Support of NACL platform.
- Support of MorphOS PowerPC platform.
- Support of Linux ARM platform (Raspberry PI).
- Support of AROS ARM platform (Raspberry PI).
- Added new keyboard virtual keys.
- Added input tester tool.
- Enhanced video codec.
- New antisector system.
- Optimized gx_math object.
- Added fixed point functions in gx_math object.
- Optimized 2d rendering (gx_screen, gx_bitmap objects).
- Support of Amiga SVX sound format.
- Enhanced bitmap MTR reader and writer, now support biplanes modes.
- Added high quality IFF bitmap writer and enhanced readed, supporting PC chunky, Amiga planar, Halfbrite, HAM6 and HAM8 modes.
- Added support of Atari ST Degas (PI1, PI2, PI3) and Neochrome (NEO) bitmap formats.
- Enhanced benchmark.
- Fullscreen mode switch with F11 key instead of ALT+ENTER.
- Enhanced Winbox main menu.
- Removed music Gel module, a new music system is now embedded in Antiryad Gx.
- Added http downloader.
- Added new Winbox themes.

Posted the 2014/03/07

Antiryad Gx v3.2.05 released

This version fix important bugs in lights rendering in multicore mode, and fix a bug in the icon click in the editor.

Posted the 2014/01/13

Antiryad Gx v3.2.04 released

This version fix bugs in soundmixer, fixed point math functions, baseed, bitmap, linux keyboard manager, field and screen objects.

Posted the 2014/01/04

Antiryad Gx v3.2.03 released

This version fix bugs in AROS driver (mouse and screen problems), executable compiler (iOS, AGX), OpenGL4 initializations (Linux), Gel language and acknowledgement display, full screen keyboard switch (now using F11).

Posted the 2013/11/03

Switching back to PHPBB

We've switched back the forum to PHPBB.

Posted the 2014/03/08

MorphOS port

Antiryad Gx v3.3 will be available for MorphOS.

Posted the 2013/11/20

Raspberry PI

We are porting Antiryad GX to the Raspberry PI computer!
Next version, Antiryad Gx v3.3, will support Raspbian Linux and AROS ARM.

Posted the 2013/11/14

WebGL exporter in Antiryad Gx v3.2

Antiryad Gx v3.2 will include a 3d WebGL exporter.
An example is available here.

Posted the 2013/07/16

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