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Antiryad Gx v3.5.02 released

This new version enhance some bitmap exporters and fix bug in sound, light, base, baseed, and render objects.

Posted the 2016/01/17

Antiryad Gx v3.5.01 released

This version fix wrong Java compiler version used for Android, bugs in middle and right mouse button in MacOSX driver and bugs in templatecompiler.

Posted the 2015/11/18

Antiryad Gx v3.5 released

This major version optimize OpenGL and OpenGLES drivers, enhance Android driver and executable compiler, and fix some bugs.

Posted the 2015/09/24

Antiryad Gx v3.4.04 released

This version fix AmigaOS 68k random freeze, optimize materials management, fix bugs in software renderer and geometry optimizer.

Posted the 2015/02/07

Wiki: antiryadgxnext

Antiryad Gx v4.0 was started since 07/2014 and is planned to be released in september 2016. It will include the following features: * Remove old DirectX9 support and clean drivers. [In development] * Add NavMesh system (based on older Fastcol3d object). * Enhance lightmap system. * Restore support of PS3 platform. * Add text simple viewer. * Enhance main Antiryad interface (view resizing). * Add automatic assets import in projects. * Add new component object (fields co…

Posted the 2016/02/08

Wiki: extendedobj

About Antiryad Gx importer and exporter use extended format when importing and exporting Wavefront OBJ files to break some limitations. Some new specifications are based on adoptions found on other softwares. Format

Posted the 2016/02/06

Wiki: start - [Games]

Roadmaps * Wiki updates (RSS) * Antiryad Gx * Dark Area 4 Antiryad Gx * Antiryad Gx * Licenses * Antiryad Gx v3.5 HTML API reference * Antiryad Gx v3.5 PDF API reference * Antiryad Gx v3.4 HTML API reference * Antiryad Gx v3.4 PDF API reference * How to create a Gel application * Simple examples * Create a fractal on screen * Image and texture compression

Posted the 2016/02/05

Wiki: darkarea4 - [Dark Area 4 (in development)]

Dark Area 4, the next FPS game of Arkham Development is actually in development. It may be released in 2017. Work in progress * Pre production: 100% * Graphics: 40% * Sounds: 0% * Level integration: 5% * Programming: 5% * Post productions: 0% * Packaging: 0% * Total: 20%

Posted the 2016/02/05

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