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Antiryad Gx v4.0 rc2

Antiryad Gx v4.0 rc2 was released for owner of professional licenses.
Final version is scheduled for September 2016.

Posted the 2016/05/09

Antiryad Gx v4.0 beta 1

Antiryad Gx v4.0 beta 1 was released for owner of professional licenses.
Final version is scheduled for September 2016.

Posted the 2016/03/18

Antiryad Gx v3.5.02 released

This new version enhance some bitmap exporters and fix bug in sound, light, base, baseed, and render objects.

Posted the 2016/01/17

Antiryad Gx v3.5.01 released

This version fix wrong Java compiler version used for Android, bugs in middle and right mouse button in MacOSX driver and bugs in templatecompiler.

Posted the 2015/11/18

Wiki: antiryadgxnext - [Features]

Antiryad Gx v4.0 was started since 07/2014 and is planned to be released in September 2016. Beta version is available for professional license owners. Work in progress * Publish Final release. * Publish Release Candidate 3. * Compile Release Candidate 3. [In development] * Publish Release Candidate 2. * Compile Release Candidate 2. * Publish Release Candidate 1. * Compile Release Candidate 1. * Publish Beta 1. * Compile Beta 1.

Posted the 2016/05/30

Wiki: agxlicenses

Features / Licenses Unregistered Standard Professional Enterprise Cost (excluding VAT) Free Free 20 euros 2000 euros Update price (excluding VAT) Free Free 10 euros 1000 euros Allow commercial applications No Disable register dialog box at startup No Executable compiler No Cross compilation No No Linux (arm, ppc, x86, x64) Windows (x86, x64) MacOSX (x86) DOS (x86) iOS (armv7, arm64, x86) No No Android (armv7…

Posted the 2016/05/29

Wiki: agx - [Description]

Description Antiryad Gx is an unified cross platform and multi core 2d and 3d game engine. In development since 1994, Antiryad Gx today rivals and even surpasses many commercial game engines in feature set, optimization and stability. Main features:

Posted the 2016/05/29

Wiki: darkarea4 - [Work in progress]

Dark Area 4, the next FPS game of Arkham Development is actually in development. It may be released during 2017. Work in progress * Pre production: 100% * Enviromnent graphics: 90% [In development] * Characters graphics: 40% * Sounds: 0% * Level integration: 5% * Programming: 50% * Optimization: 0% * Tests and quality setup: 0% * Packaging: 0% * Total: 50%

Posted the 2016/05/06

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